Vote for the Future

EU Elections are coming up in June 2024. Europe has the power to change our broken food system. Go vote! #VoteFutureEU 

Raise your flag!

On 6-9 June 2024, people across Europe will vote for a new EU Parliament. From agricultural subsidies to pesticides and GMOs – the EU has enormous power over our food system. As a country representative from one of the 27 Member States, you can help us raise awareness on the importance of the elections.

With your  Vote for the Future flag, you call on your fellow citizens to go vote for EU politicians that can deliver your demands for #GoodFoodGoodFarming. You can raise the flag or use it as a picnic blanket, protest banner, tablecloth, cape or a simple accessory.

Let’s join our voices for a better EU!

Join our campaign online!

Until the elections in June, we will mobilise people across Europe and make sure EU politicians are watching. We will share pictures of all flags in our channels and also publish an info-comic series to raise awareness on the power the EU has. Join our campaign and spread #VoteFutureEU!

Why act now?

The EU Elections are only months away and millions of Europeans are not aware how influential EU politicans are when it comes to our food and farming. We can change that: the Good Food Good Farming movement can grow awareness and mobilise citizens in each Member State to vote for a progressive EU that can reform our agrifood system!


Get inspired with these demands!

  • Farming in harmony with nature
  • Affordable and healthy food for all
  • Less pesticides
  • People over profits
  • Support for rural areas
  • Higher animal welfare
  • More farmers less agribusiness
  • Stop GMO deregulation
  • Support for the food transition
  • Fight the climate crisis
  • Better food in schools & hospitals
  • Stop food waste
  • Agroecology is the answer
  • Local and regional farming
  • Fight species extinction

Sign-up to get a free flag in your own language!

We will process all requests and let you know whether you have been chosen as your country representative by March 1st, and it will take approximately 2 weeks for the flag to reach you. You will receive a package with a 1.5m x 1.5m flag, paint to decorate the flag and stencils to inspire your paintings!